Roller derby leagues rely on officials to make sure bouts are played safely and fairly. The referees, affectionately known as ‘Zebras’ keep a close eye on us, stepping in when we don’t play safely or by the rules!

If you are a stickler for detail and can blow a whistle, we’d love to hear from you. The rest we teach you in ref school.

A fully officiated bout has 7 (yes seven) refs and one spare called the alternate, who is there to assist and jump in if needed.

We are proud to say that Dorset Roller Girls have a hard working, dedicated team of refs who willingly leap in to support other local leagues and take part in bouts across the Country.



Being part of the roller derby community is hugely rewarding whether on skates or off, so if playing derby isn’t for you, why not consider being a referee?

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