What is roller derby?

What Is Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is an incredible sport, and there’s something here for everyone; all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. It’s a game that requires agility and power, speed and endurance, balance and strength. It is fast paced, full contact and we do it all on roller skates!
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Get Involved!

Want to be a part of our team? Check out our Events page for more information on our ‘Fresh Meat’ programme. Don’t think roller derby is for you, but still want to be part of the community? We are always on the look-out for enthusiastic new referees, NSO’s, and bout-day volunteers too!

Support us

Support Us!

We are a self-funded team, who are incredibly grateful to all the volunteers who have helped our team grow. If you have a skill that you’d like to offer the team- be it managing a stall at our next bout, becoming our team’s photographer, or helping to plan fundraising events- we’d love to hear from you!